We have worked with many loan officers over the years. It was a process that we dreaded worse than going to the dentist. But then we found David Eghbali and our  life changed. David makes the  process of refinancing a breeze. Nothing is to big an issue to handle. The process was fast smooth and seamless . Before I met David, I had spent months trying to refinance in the past (like 9 months) only to find at the end the loan would not go thru . There was no follow thru , no questions asked just a lot of papers back and forth only to get a rejection. Then a friend recommended David and our life changed for the better. David was on top of the loan application from day one. We had a short to do list from him a quick appraisal and boom we had a new loan in about a month. We saved a lot of money and could not have been any more pleased. When rates dropped again, we made a quick call  and he said of course and we again filled out the few forms updated the necessary information and we were headed to saving even more money. David and his team work fast and are efficient , our loan is not huge compared to other loans he has worked on and yet we are treated with the same respect and he works just as hard to accomplish a new loan. I can not begin to thank  David for all his help in getting our home mortgage back on track. With his help and with a lower competitive interest and his counseling on how to pay the mortgage off faster we hope to have the loan paid off in about 10 years. We wish him and his family only the best in the years to come ,as he has helped our family see a brighter future. We have recommended him to friends knowing he will respect them and help them succeed in a new new loan or to refinance.

- Sharon and Steve Marks

Premier Meat Company